Looking into the diversities of Sound

An invitation revealed an undiscovered potential we wanted to dive into with enthusiasm. The result is the compilation Digicoustic Sounds, an invitation to anyone who wishes to take a look into our version of a digicoustic world.

Jørund Andreas Berg and Stephan Erik Smirou received an overwhelming amount of demos from all over the world. With the hope of finding undiscovered talent, the two musicians/producers started a search that would last for six months. The result is finally ready for the listeners to indulge into – a compilation that takes you away on a pleasant and interesting travel in a varied and original digital-acoustic landscape. 


- We were developing our own music and were inspired to search for the musical variety hidden behind the selection presented by the commercial musical industry. We want to present music that people did not know they liked, by making it available.

Digicoustic Sounds is only available in CD format and can be ordered here: